Kristen Stewart ‘uneasy about Pattinson’s Perry bond’

Kristen Stewart reportedly feels uneasy about how well her boyfriend Robert Pattinson gets along with Katy Perry.

Kristen Stewart apparently feels “insecure” about Robert Pattinson’s bond with Katy Perry.

The two stars were first linked last year, when Robert was on a break from Kristen. Katy is believed to have turned to Robert following her recent split from John Mayer, with the pair going out for dinner.

Although Robert is now dating Kristen again and just pals with Katy, Kristen is seemingly sensitive about how well they get along.

“Katy was Kristen’s friend first, but she gets on with Rob brilliantly. It’s clear to everyone that Rob’s got a bit of a crush on Katy and she totally plays up to it,” a source told British magazine Heat. “They wouldn’t act on it, but it still makes Kristen feel insecure.”

Robert was seen holding hands with Kristen at the recent Coachella music festival, but he also spent time with Katy. The stars were spotted smoking cigarettes in a VIP area and had an animated conversation with Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis.

It has been claimed Robert enjoys being around Katy because she is such a free spirit.

“Rob’s a huge admirer of Katy and she was really there for him when things went wrong last year. Kristen loves Katy, but she’s also quite intimidated by her. Katy’s so carefree, fun-loving and girly, Kristen feels the total opposite, and seeing how Katy connects with Rob worries her, especially as he’s been so distant recently.”
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Saturday, 27. April 2013