Dwayne Johnson: I wanted to look dangerous for role

Dwayne Johnson wanted to look like he'd come straight out of prison for Pain & Gain.

Dwayne Johnson wanted to look “big and dangerous” for his latest film.

The wrestler-and-actor stars in Pain & Gain, an action drama that also features Mark Wahlberg and is directed by movie legend Michael Bay.

The film sees Dwayne’s character caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping plan that goes completely wrong.

The star is already known for his hulking physique but stepped things up a notch to accurately portray the criminal.

“My prep for the movie – I probably prepped for about eight to ten weeks – was to change my diet around, my training around,” he explained to Collider.

“Now I’ll just talk about the physical prep. This guy spent a lot of time in prison. Those guys that spent time in prison, their diets are sh*t, the food is the sh*ts. However, a lot of those guys who are in prison jack iron all day. When they get out, they’re big and dangerous. That’s what I wanted him to be.”

Dwayne is currently recovering from an operation on a hernia which he sustained during a wrestling match.

Director Michael recently suggested the star should take some time out from the sport and focus solely on his acting career when making a movie.

The 40-year-old is largely known for high-octane, but generally light-hearted, flicks like G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Fast & Furious 6.

Dealing with the complex crime drama was a welcome change for the Hollywood hunk.

“From an acting standpoint, I read the material, I loved the material, and for me it was a great departure from what I generally played, characters I generally played in the past, so, one that was very complex and had a lot of sh*t going on in his mind, and continuously falling and tripping, making poor decisions. That type of type of practice, so with Michael, I’m very very excited to play that type of role,” he smiled.

Pain & Gain hit cinemas earlier this month.
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Friday, 26. April 2013