Hiddleston: Swinton is Gangnam fan

Tom Hiddleston claims Tilda Swinton is a huge fan of K-pop and Gangnam Style.

Tom Hiddleston says Tilda Swinton introduced him to Gangnam Style.

The British stars recently worked together on the vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive. Tilda is a highly respected figure in Hollywood and is known for her cultured lifestyle, but Tom insists the actress knew how to have fun on set too – and is a big fan of Korean pop star Psy.

“[She’s] the opposite [of intense]. She’s so fun, just a hoot. I’d be in the make-up chair every morning while she showed me stupid YouTube videos. She introduced me to Gangnam Style,” he told ShortList. “Seriously, she was into K-pop long before anyone else. She threw a party for me. Tilda Swinton on the dance floor is a force of nature. She knows how to get down.”

Tilda isn’t Tom’s only famous pal. He is also close friends with fellow British heartthrobs Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne and often parties with them.

“Benedict’s a dear friend – I was chatting with him this morning, mainly to grill him for information on the new Star Trek film, not that he told me anything. Eddie and I are friends, too,” he explained. “We went to Koreatown for karaoke. He has the voice of an angel.”

While Eddie recently showed off his singing talents playing Marius in the hit musical movie Les Misérables, Tom insists he is less confident about his vocal skills.

“I’m told that when I sing in the car I sound like a cat being sick,” he laughed.

Tom has appeared in a series of hit movies and is probably best known for playing villainous Loki in the Thor franchise. The 32-year-old admits that he has received some unusual fan mail since landing the role.

“Lots, mostly personal fan art… very personal,” he replied when asked if he gets any strange correspondence from fans. “There’s a moment in Thor where I jump on a spear lodged in the ground, and kick Chris Hemsworth in the chest, and some people have seen this as emblematic of my hidden talent as a pole dancer. So I get lots of pictures of me in character, exotic dancing.”
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Thursday, 25. April 2013