Brown gets new Hot Wheels

Chris Brown appears to have splurged on a $120,000 Lamborghini with a wild aftermarket paint job inspired by die-cast model cars called Hot Wheels.

Chris Brown appears to have splashed out on a Hot Wheels-inspired Lamborghini.

The Kiss Kiss hitmaker was pictured in the 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

The vehicle was bound to turn heads, painted in electric shades of blue, yellow, red and white with matching sky blue rims that mimicked the famous die-cast car models.

A spokesperson at a local dealership for the Italian manufacturer told Cover Media the car sells for approximately $120,000.

The wild paint job would cost a considerable amount extra and is believed to be an aftermarket job or a clear wrap.

“[It’s] obviously [an] older model somebody decided to go with a crazy paint scheme,” Safa Edward Bodagh of Lamborghini North Los Angeles said, adding it’s “nothing the Lamborghini factory would ever produce.”

The coupe only has room for two but features a 493 horsepower V-10 engine that can push it from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds.

The car is spectacularly inefficient for a city like Los Angeles, however, with as little as nine miles per gallon and topping out at 17 on the highway.

Chris is known to cruise around in pricey sports cars.

He also owns a Porsche worth an estimated $200,000 but crashed the vehicle in February while trying to avoid paparazzi.
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Wednesday, 24. April 2013