Hayley Williams: Prince's toilet is humble

Hayley Williams says Prince's toilet wasn't a purple throne but was in fact "very humble".

Hayley Williams says Prince’s toilet was “very humble”.

The Paramore star shared where the band recorded their newly released self-titled fourth album.

Part of it was laid down at Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles, in the same room Prince lived for two years.

“[I sat on the same toilet as] Prince,” she shared with NME magazine “No, [it wasn’t a big purple throne]. It’s a very humble toilet. I could feel Prince’s spirit. I was like, ‘Is there a camera in here?’”

Hayley joked about another close encounter she had with a well-known star. She explained what went on behind-the-scenes when Paramore played at the BBC Radio1 weekend in Bangor, Wales, in 2010.

“I know Rihanna was there. I remember walking past Kelly Osbourne and we were the same height and I was like, ‘Yes!’” she exclaimed. “I also remember going, ‘Jason Derülo!’ before he went on.”

The musician has numerous affectionate nicknames, given to her by friends and family in the past. As well as Hayleyball, H-bomb and Hayles, the quirky singer explained where she got the nickname SpongeBob came from.

“When I was 16, our drummer Zac Farro called me SpongeBob because I have a gap in my teeth like SpongeBob,” she explained. “What a jerk!”
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Wednesday, 24. April 2013