Young & Married | Eps 8

On Sunday's episode of Young & Married...

Wes and his 21 year old fianceé Angela are getting married in two months. Wes has left everything for Angela to do and hasn’t even got her engagement ring sorted. Angela’s mum thinks it is all happening too soon – but that is the least of Angela’s worries, as she’s more concerned about what party animal Wes is going to get up to at his Bachelor party. Can Wes clean up his act in time for the wedding?

In Pennsylvania, Christian couple Lindsey and Stephen got married two years ago but Lindsey’s worried she is turning into a 1950s housewife and wants them to have more fun together. Meanwhile accountant Stephen likes a quieter life but is desperate to make his young wife happy. Can they come up with a plan to get their marriage back on track?

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Wednesday, 24. April 2013

  • Young & Married | Sneak Peek 8

    Young & Married | Sneak Peek 8

  • Zeke & Stella: Bachelor Parties

    Zeke & Stella: Bachelor Parties