Jewel: Beyoncé and Lopez are healthy and beautiful

Jewel is a fan of curvaceous singers Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez and revealed she was close to becoming bulimic.

Jewel admires the curvaceous bodies of superstars Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Lopez.

The 38-year-old singer praised the performers for “owning” their womanly forms as opposed to promoting often unachievable skinny frames.

Although Jewel thinks she will never have a figure like those women, she embraces her physique.

“I love J. Lo’s body,” she told the May issue of Health magazine. “I’ll never have her little waist or her abs, and I’ll never have her booty. But I have other assets, hopefully!”

Even when those in the spotlight gain weight, Jewel is impressed by how some personalities still manage to look good.

She especially is a fan of how Jennifer remains confident in her skin.

“I love Beyoncé’s body, too,” she continued. “They are healthy beautiful women. I’ve seen J. Lo gain five pounds, like we all have, and she looks great. She owns it. She’s just like, ‘Yeah, there it is. Boom’.”

The star notes that it was particularly difficult for her to keep a good outlook on her image when pressured by industry critics and bosses.

She confessed she could have quite easily developed an eating disorder.

Jewel also credits her positive attitude toward her body with helping put health over appearance.

“I was heavier when I got into the business, and I remember getting written up as the ‘chubby Renée Zellweger.’ I was either going to turn to bulimia (which most of the other girls that I was around were doing) or to diet pills (which most of the celebrities I knew were doing),” she explained.

“Or I was going to do it the right way, because that’s the only way that will last. That attitude helped save my health in the long run.”
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Tuesday, 23. April 2013