Jennifer Lopez: Life is messy

Jennifer Lopez thinks her new ABC series gives a "really true depiction" of modern family life.

Jennifer Lopez’s new TV show illustrates how “complicated and messy” life can be.

The singer-and-actress produces ABC series The Fosters which follows a multiethnic family raised by a gay couple.

Jennifer says the concept was attractive because it is “not the norm”.

“Although it [the script] was about a non-traditional family and had some newer themes, it had some really basic themes as well about family and love and what’s really important in life. And life can be complicated and messy sometimes and not simple. It gives a really true depiction of family in this day and age," she explained in an interview with ET Online.

The show has been met with controversy thanks to its unusual premise, with one group, One Million Moms, posting on their website towards the end of last year: “None of this material is acceptable content for a family show… Let’s stop this dead in it its tracks."

Jennifer refuses to let such criticism stop her paying “homage” to her late aunt, who was gay.

“I thought of her often when I was thinking of taking on this project and the prejudices that she faced…She was always there for us. She was a great person. She didn’t have her own family and I often wonder if she wanted it,” she said.

Jennifer also discussed the likelihood of her appearing in one of the show’s episodes. The stunning star thinks the series has the perfect ingredients to be a resounding success without “celebrity” cameos.

“Sometimes you think you have an EP who’s a celebrity, you think ‘Oh, throw them on the show and people will watch’ but that’s not necessarily true. I think the show is going to have to stand on its own," she said.

“I think it’s good enough. The writing is top notch, the cast is amazing, and it’s smart, it’s edgy, it’s heartfelt.”
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Tuesday, 23. April 2013