will.i.am praises Daft Punk

will.i.am has praised Daft Punk’s new single.

will.i.am has praised Daft Punk for “getting down with robots” on their new song.

The Black Eyed Peas star is a fan of the dance duo’s first single in eight years, Get Lucky, for merging digital with human elements.

On the new disco-inspired track, the electronic twosome enlisted singer Pharrell Williams and Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers to feature alongside them.

“I like the song. That song is classic Daft Punk and I’m glad, I like the font they used, it’s very Thriller Michael Jackson. When I see that random access font, it’s very good. It sounds like Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall and Thriller stuff. Its dance tunes, but they are very soulful,” will explained to UK radio station KISS FM. “For the robots to get down with the humans, that’s pretty cool. The fact they are collaborating with humans that’s pretty fresh. I like robots.”

On his new album #willpower the star has teamed up with a whole host of big music stars including Britney Spears and Chris Brown. There are a few more collaborations will has his heart set on doing in the future.

“Prince. I’d love to work with him, imagine if I did that. Imagine Prince on electric guitar, Stevie Wonder on keyboard, Nile Rodgers on bass. I’d put it out in the UK only. I love that Nile Rodgers has hooked up with Daft Punk,” he gushed.

The technology-loving musician has also collaborated with Justin Bieber on a single from his new album. He joked that rather than bring a hologram of Justin with him on tour, he’s going to print off real-life copies of the teen mega star to sell at the gig.

“I’m printing Justin Biebers on my tour. Not holograms, real life Justin Bieber clones. Backstage, I’ll sell them on concession stands. I’m the digital pimp,” he laughed. “You can buy to take home your very own Justin Bieber. I’ll say, ‘I got black Justin Bieber, a white Justin Bieber, and I got the Brentwood Justin Bieber!’”
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Monday, 22. April 2013