Kat Von D: My fiancé Deadmau5 is genius

Tattoo artist Kat Von D is constantly inspired by her electronic music producer fiancé Deadmau5 as she believes he is a creative genius.

Kat Von D believes her fiancé Deadmau5 is “light years ahead” creatively speaking.

The 31-year-old tattoo artist and the 32-year-old Canadian electronic musician became engaged in December.

Kat doesn’t consider her man a mere deejay, as the tunes he produces in her house send her to the heights.

“I always laugh, because when people call him a deejay, I always think of, like, going to your high school dance and there’s a guy playing an ‘80s song. And I watch him at home, and he’s producing these beautiful sounds. He’s, like, light years ahead,” she gushed during an interview on American talk programme The Wendy Williams Show this week. “Sometimes he talks so fast, I’m like, I can’t keep up. But it’s so amazing. It’s so inspiring.”

Kat feels privileged to collaborate with her beau.

Apparently they have been making sweet music.

“We’ve been creating music, too, together. So I think I’ve met my match,” she smiled.

Kat and Deadmau5 will walk down the aisle August 10.

She recently revealed to People the wedding will have an “underwater” theme.

The aquatic ambience was inspired by author H.P. Lovecraft’s short story The Call of Cthulhu, about a man who is part human and half octopus.

“We’re bookworms. I’m totally nerdy. And Joel and I both love H.P. Lovecraft,” Kat confirmed on the show.

Only 200 of their closest friends and family will be in attendance at the intimate ceremony.

The food and decorations will be coloured blue and green.

Performers at the event will be in mermaid costume.
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Friday, 19. April 2013