Hemsworth ‘isn’t ready to settle down’ with Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth was reportedly the one behind the postponement of his wedding to Miley Cyrus, as he simply doesn’t want to be a married man yet.

Liam Hemsworth reportedly postponed his wedding to Miley Cyrus because he wants “a bit of freedom”.

The Australian 23-year-old Hunger Games star and the 20-year-old American singer-and-actress became engaged in June of last year.

The pair were rumoured to be going through a rough patch earlier this year.

Miley was seen without her engagement ring and Liam was said to have kissed Mad Men actress January Jones at a party.

Several outlets reported the couple were to marry sometime this summer.

According to Radar Online, the nuptials are off because Liam “just isn’t ready to settle down yet”.

“For the moment, the wedding has been postponed,” a source revealed to the website.

“When Miley and Liam got engaged, he thought it was going to be a longer engagement and that he would still be able to have a bit of freedom with his life.

“But Miley has been very insistent that they get hitched as soon as possible. She’s been chewing Liam’s ear off about it.

“He just snapped and said that he wasn’t ready, which upset Miley because she was always so insistent they’d marry within a year.”

Apparently Liam felt “a little trapped” by Miley’s haste to wed.

One day he told her “enough was enough”.

“She was devastated, but Miley understands she may have been pushing him too much,” the insider said

“Miley doesn’t want to lose Liam, so she’s accepted that she is just going to have to wait.”
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Friday, 19. April 2013