Hollywood Heights: Episode 56

On tonight's episode 'Tyler collects evidence'...

Tyler goes to Chloe’s house and looks for evidence of the car crash. Mel decides to go home. Nora, Phil, and Adam try to convince her to forgive Gus and Lisa and stay away from Beth. Loren and Eddie are going to the concert at MK club, and Loren is nervous. Traci confronts Kelly and it doesn’t turn out well.

Jake suggests Kelly quits her job. Nora ends things with Don, and Ellie makes it worse by stirring things up and bringing up Max. Tyler flirts with Traci more. Jackie threatens Tyler to stay away from Chloe. Phil lies to Detective Conlee, and tells Adriana that they need to get the drugs. Chloe goes to Adriana and tells her she needs to model, but Adriana thinks otherwise. Chloe goes to MK club with her new date, and is disgusted by him.

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Monday, 22. April 2013