Michael Bublé: Bieber has dignity

Michael Bublé respects Justin Bieber for how the teenager deals with media criticism.

Michael Bublé believes Justin Bieber should be awarded with a “medal” for how he’s dealt with criticism.

The 19-year-old pop superstar has been embroiled in great controversy of late.

Within the past few months Justin has been accused of spitting in his neighbour’s face, has had his pet monkey seized by the German government and has been photographed smoking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette. He also caused a furore after visiting Holocaust victim Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam over the weekend and writing in the guest book that he hoped she would have “been a Belieber”.

Michael has compassion for Justin’s problems.

He believes the teenager is doing a good job of coping with all of the criticism.

“I think, for what Justin Bieber has been through, he is remarkable,” Michael told British newspaper the Daily Star.

“He has handled it with dignity. I am a fan of the way he handles himself. They should give him a medal for smoking a joint; it made him human – he’s just a kid.”

Michael confesses he wouldn’t have been quite so gracious if he were in Justin’s position at the age of 19.

He appreciates his later success.

“I’m glad I didn’t achieve fame until I was almost 30,” Michael explained.

“I had become the man I am, the man I was going to be. If it had happened when I was 17 I would have been a p***k.”

Michael releases his new album To Be Loved this week.

He is elated to have created what he considers to be his most authentic music.

“I know who I am, exactly what I am, and how I need to sound,” Michael gushed.

“I’ve never been so involved; it’s my first real record. You’re hearing me, inside out.”
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Tuesday, 16. April 2013