Ryan Gosling: I was filmed at ballet

Ryan Gosling stopped going to dance class when he realized people were filming him practicing.

Ryan Gosling gave up ballet class when his peers started filming him.

The Hollywood hunk has practised the form of dance ever since he was a little boy. A few years ago he admitted still going to classes because he wanted to better his skill.

Unfortunately for Ryan, he had to stop attending.

“I used to [go to classes], but I was terrible,” he laughed to Heat magazine. “Plus, people started filming me with their phones and I was like, ‘I can’t go to this class anymore.’ I think ballet was done with me though!”

In 2011, Ryan admitted his ballet lessons were mostly frequented by young girls. A large number of them were accompanied by mothers who tried their best to support him, even though he wasn’t a natural.

The star was particularly taken by two talented seven-year-olds, although the feeling wasn’t mutual.

“You’re old, you’re not good, I’ve seen you in movies and it’s weird that you’re here,” he laughed, when asked how the girls looked at him.

In his new movie The Place Beyond the Pines, Ryan plays a stunt motorcyclist who discovers he has fathered a baby. He had to shoot an intimate scene with his real-life girlfriend Eva Mendes and it was a hugely scary experience.

“[It was] nerve-wracking, because there’s a lot of responsibility on the guy,” he laughed. “It’s usually our job to keep the girl covered – if they’re naked, you’re trying to block them with your arm, and then they move. You are always conscious of blocking them.”
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Sunday, 14. April 2013