Jon Hamm: Draper is so creative

Jon Hamm believes Don Draper "succumbs to his demons" too often.

Jon Hamm admires his Mad Men character’s “creative capacity”.

The actor stars as lothario Don Draper in the popular series, who famously cheated on his ex-wife, Betty, in the show.

Despite his character having some undesirable attributes, there are things Jon hopes to take away from the role.

“The thing that I admire about Don is his incredible creative capacity – it’s something that I aspire to have, to be creative in my chosen profession and to not be happy with mediocrity,” he explained to British magazine OK!

“I think Don strives for excellence. What I don’t like about Don is that he very often succumbs to his lesser or greater demons. And so do I identify with the striving for excellence and fighting against demons? Sure. Also I’m glad I am the same suit size as he is.”

The high-quality scripts of Mad Men are often praised, as well as the acting and elaborate costumes.

Having experienced life on a top show, the 42-year-old admits he will be pickier about future projects.

“Sure, there are a lot of scripts out there and not all of them are great. The show raises our personal bar and my bar is set very high for something that I want to do,” he confessed.

“That doesn’t mean that I won’t do – again – silly, weird little one-off projects. I once played a talking toilet. But I do have a much higher bar for things I will do in a dramatic sense because I feel like life’s too short, and I’m very, very old.”
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Sunday, 14. April 2013