Kit Harington: I'm sick of gutting chickens

Kit Harington thinks Game of Thrones has become so popular because it isn't cheap.

Kit Harington it tired of being told to “gut chickens” for Game of Thrones.

The British actor portrays Jon Snow in the smash hit sci-fi series. He believes it has become such a must see around the world because it doesn’t shy away from filming difficult scenes.

“You’ll turn up on set and they’ll say, ‘Right, you can just gut this chicken.’ It’s very real – if there are dead rabbits hanging in the background, you can guarantee those aren’t fake rabbits. That realism is also why people respond to it – if you do fantasy cheaply, it doesn’t work,” he told Radio Times magazine.

Game of Thrones is adapted from a series of novels by George R. R. Martin and featured a sprawling cast of seven families who are all battling to control a land called Westeros.

Kit’s character demands that he be fit and healthy, so he works out regularly. Unfortunately he also likes having fun, which caused problems before he started shooting the latest series.

“It is a physically demanding role, so I have to keep really fit,” he explained. “When I have a couple of months off I’ll use that time to off to the gym, although, just before filming began this season, I broke my ankle climbing up through my bedroom window trying to get my keys. Yes, I was drunk.”
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Sunday, 14. April 2013