Cyndi Lauper admires Lil Wayne’s ‘depth’

Cyndi Lauper believes the musical offerings from rap star Lil Wayne have "a lot of depth".

Cyndi Lauper says Lil Wayne’s work has “a lot of depth”.

The 59-year-old music icon has been making hit records since the early ’80s, including Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Time After Time.

Her favourite music today is the same as it was when she was younger, although she can appreciate modern day releases too.

“The music I listen to now is a lot like my influences growing up, so Elvis Costello and Aretha and Shirley Bassey. Honestly. I scratched all my mother’s records,” Cyndi told GoGoMix. “I think Lil Wayne, stop with the b***hes already, but I think his work has depth, like Eminem, he has a lot of depth. I think Jay-Z is brilliant and Beyoncé, what’s not to like about Beyoncé? I don’t know the experience of being young nowadays, or being black, but I know about being a woman.”

The American singer-and-songwriter likes reading classic plays, which she believes stems from her early experiences visiting the theatre with her mother. Nowadays she’s more likely to watch a classic TV show like Golden Girls for entertainment.

“I like Shakespeare. I didn’t study a lot of English but it doesn’t take much to know when someone’s being called out. My mother used to take me to see the play Medea a lot, I wonder what she was getting at with that because in the play the mother kills the kids and I was always like ‘mom are you mad at me?’” she joked. “My husband loves 30 Rock and I love 30 Rock, it’s really funny. Late at night I still watch Golden Girls, for some reason I’ve always related to Sophia and Rose. I’ve always loved classics like South Pacific.”
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Friday, 12. April 2013