Michael Bublé: Witherspoon stuns me

Michael Bublé finds Reese Witherspoon "nothing short of marvellous".

Michael Bublé says Reese Witherspoon is attractive “in so many ways”.

The Canadian crooner has just released single It’s A Beautiful Day from his upcoming album To Be Loved.

His latest musical offering also includes a rendition of Something Stupid featuring actress Reese and Michael has nothing but praise for the blonde beauty.

“I always loved Reese, I have met her a few times and she was nothing short of marvellous. She really can sing, and what I love about her is that women want to be her and men want to be with her,” he gushed to MailOnline.

“There is very few women like that, that are that attractive in so many ways. She is a very real, down-to-earth woman who is a great wife and a great mom; she is serious about her craft.”

Reese is no stranger to singing, having starred alongside Joaquin Phoenix in musical movie Walk the Line.

However, nerves did kick in for the mother-of-three prior to recording the track.

“Reese was nervous, trepidations, because this is not her world,” Michael recalled.

“She had really prepared. Her husband told me she was driving the kids crazy at home singing it. I have told her many times she was the cherry on top for me.”

The singer is about to experience parenthood for himself, with his wife Luisana Lopilato currently pregnant with their first child.

The 37-year-old is sure he will be a “hands-on” dad and says becoming a father will be “the best thing” that has ever happened to him.

His talents as a singer have been helping to calm Luisana down during pregnancy.

“My wife has been listening to my music while she has been pregnant. She plays my record and plays my songs all the time!” he smiled.

“Today we were on Skype, and it was the first time I saw something moving in her stomach, not just a print. She thought it was butterflies!”

While Michael is known for romantic ballads, It’s A Beautiful Day is a catchy track about a break-up and getting revenge on an ex.

The star was excited about stepping out of his comfort zone.

“I have written all these romantic, songs, I miss you, I love you. And I thought how cool it would be to write the anti-love song,” he exclaimed.

“And I thought how much better it would be to write a break up song. A break-up song that says I am so much better without you b***h! I wish it was a real life story. No, I wish it was.”

To Be Loved will be released this month.
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Thursday, 11. April 2013