Hollywood Heights: Eps 48

On today's episode of Hollywood Heights...

Jake and Eddie talk about a small concert at MK and Eddie is on board to see if his fans like his new material. Chloe sets up a meeting not knowing that Eddie is heading out of town. She calls Hannah to find out where he is going, but never finds out. Eddie, in need of some alone time, takes off to Max’s secluded beach bungalow.

Max tells Loren after the meeting that Kelly set up at MK about where Eddie is going and that Loren should go there and keep Eddie company. Nora tells Loren about the discussion she had with Don about being partners. Colorado doesn’t like being confronted by Detective Conlee and Gus, and puts the pressure on Phil. Loren shows up at the bungalow. When Eddie asks what she’s doing there she says she does not know.

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Wednesday, 10. April 2013