Michael Bublé: Women are strong

Michael Bublé is more of a "wuss" than his wife

Michael Bublé is amazed by how “tough” women are.

The singer is expecting his first child with wife Luisana Lopilato, an Argentinean model-and-actress.

The Canadian star is extremely excited about being a father, but is glad he won’t be the one having to endure childbirth.

“You know what, women are so tough. Honestly, the fact that you can go through [childbirth] and then do it again and again is incredible,” he marvelled to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“I cut my finger yesterday, snapping, look [shows tiny cut]. I snapped so hard that I broke the skin. I thought I was going to die. My snap is incredibly hard, and that’s what a wuss I am. I cut my finger and I was crying.”

The couple recently revealed they are expecting a boy, with the due date in late August.

The reality of becoming a parent is just starting to dawn on Michael and he “trips out” when he can feel the baby kick.

When it comes to raising his son, the 37-year-old already has firm ideas.

“I think [I will be a strict parent]. I didn’t have a strict upbringing and I wish I did sometimes. I think my mom and dad loved me too much,” he admitted.

“I wasn’t spoilt, but my father’s mother and father were quite tough and my father grew up to be a very compassionate, soft-spoken gentleman. My parents were very soft and loving with me and I turned out to be a little bit harder. I wish I was more like my father, but I’m not… I have a very strong temper, that early on in my life, led to bouts of violence.”

Despite his previous erratic behaviour, Michael sings largely about love in his music.

The star’s tracks don’t always illustrate his more temperamental and passionate side.

“I think Frank Sinatra was the same way. He was a pretty tough dude and sang a lot of beautiful love songs,” he argued.

“Just because you sing about love and you’re a romantic, it doesn’t make you a p***y. I think men who are afraid to be open about their feelings and who are scared of showing their sensitive side, they’re p***ies. I’m tough too but my wife is tougher than I am. Way tougher [laughs].”
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Tuesday, 09. April 2013