Paramore star: I was obsessed with Timberlake

Paramore’s Hayley Williams admits she purposely avoided meeting her teenage crush Justin Timberlake recently.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams says her bedroom wall was covered with Justin Timberlake posters when she was a teenager.

The singer was a huge fan of Justin when she was growing up. Hayley loved listening to his music and had an impressive collection of memorabilia too. However, the 24-year-old decided it would ruin her “dreams” if she had been introduced to Justin when she spotted him earlier this year.

“I nearly ran into Justin Timberlake a couple of months ago. When I realised it was him I turned around and walked in a different direction,” she told British magazine Look. “He used to cover 99.9% of my bedroom walls when I was about ten. If I ever meet him the dream will surely die! Whatever that dream may be…”

The rocker also revealed she doesn’t enjoy attending glitzy showbiz events. The laidback star isn’t impressed by prestigious awards ceremonies, but admits it is always thrilling to watch her music icons perform live.

“Awards shows aren’t really my idea of fun. Dressing up that much to go somewhere that isn’t serving food?” Hayley joked. “But the thing about the Grammys is there’s always something really memorable to take away from it. The first time I went I got to see Aretha Franklin sing live. I never imagined I would ever get to see her in person. I cried the whole time.”
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Sunday, 07. April 2013