Nicole Kidman: I want a full life

Nicole Kidman purposely tries to live what she considers to be a "well-examined life".

Nicole Kidman’s quest is to “live a well-examined life”.

The actress has described how she maintains a happy and fulfilled existence.

The 45-year-old balances her work commitments with her family, as that’s what makes her content.

“The greatest joy for me comes from the simplest things – daydreaming, spending time with my family, and also being able to delve into the psyches of different characters and work with extraordinary people,” Nicole gushed to the UK edition of HELLO! “Part of my quest is to live a well-examined life.”

Nicole continued to discuss the impact having children has had on her life. She feels privileged to have had her kids through different methods. The star and her ex-husband Tom Cruise adopted Bella, 20, and Connor, 18, while she has four-year-old Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, two, with her spouse Keith Urban.

“I never thought I would get to experience motherhood in terms of giving birth to a child, I’ve experienced many other different types of how to become a mother, since I’ve adopted children, I have a birth child and a child through surrogate,” she explained. “The greatest joys for me have come from my children.”

Nicole was asked about a recent event she attended in France. The elegant Australian had reportedly left the party at 11pm, which was considered early by some attendees.

“You have to understand that I usually go to bed at 9.30pm,” she laughed.

“That was a really late night for me. I don’t go to many parties I prefer being at home and having people over.”
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Sunday, 07. April 2013