‘Wild’ stripper parties thrown at Bieber mansion

A source has revealed that “wild” parties with strippers, alcohol, marijuana and loads of sexual intercourse are regularly thrown at Justin Bieber’s mansion in the Los Angeles suburbs.

The “wild” parties at Justin Bieber’s mansion reportedly “go on until about four or five in the morning”.

The 19-year-old singer has been embroiled in a string of seemingly neverending controversies years.

Most recently Justin has been publicly skewered for allegedly spitting in his neighbour’s face. Apparently the resident came over to complain to Justin about reckless driving because several residents were concerned for their safety after the singer drove around the area reaching speeds of 100 mph.

It is now said that raucous parties take place at Justin’s Calabasas, California estate.

“There are usually only five dudes and about 42 girls,” a regular partygoer told Radar Online.

“A couple of them are strippers and the rest are just girls that everyone knows. All the guys are pretty much hooking up with all the women, they find two or three girls that they like a night.

“The parties are pretty wild, it is like an insane frat party but with way less dudes and a lot more hot chicks! They go on until about four or five in the morning.”

Justin has not yet reached America’s 21-year-old legal drinking age.

The partier supports rumours that alcohol and drug use occurs at the events.

“Everyone is saying there is a lot of ‘sizzurp’ [codeine syrup] but that’s not true, the only drug used by some people is marijuana,” he explained.

“Then other people drinking Ciroc vodka or Stella Artois beer.

Justin is currently on an international concert tour.

He allows his friends King Kevi (a.k.a. Kevin Pederson) and Lil Twist to stay at his home while he’s gone, but he has put protocol in place for privacy protection.

“Justin knows about the parties and doesn’t mind – but there’s always a bodyguard to make sure no girls are taking pictures,” the insider detailed.

“Everyone who comes in has to sign [a non-disclosure] and leave their cell phone at the door with security.”
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Thursday, 04. April 2013