Amanda Bynes relative: She’s tragic

Amanda Bynes’ relative has revealed that she is “completely resisting any help” her loved ones consistently offer and many in her milieu view her downward spiral as “tragic”.

Amanda Bynes’ relative has revealed the troubled star’s family is deeply concerned about her “tragic” state of affairs.

The 27-year-old former television star has won headlines over the past several months for posting worrying messages and photos of herself.

These mocking reports have been consistent for nearly a year now.

Amanda first captured media attention when she was charged with five misdemeanour crimes related to driving drunk and recklessly.

A family member told In Touch magazine her loved ones view Amanda’s alleged breakdown as “tragic”.

Apparently they are doing anything everything they can to reach out to her, but Amanda refuses to accept their assistance.

“She’s completely resisting any help that her family wants to give her,” the source said.

Her behaviour continues to rub people the wrong way, according to the insider.

It is said she has been residing in the W hotel in New York City’s Time Square for the past month and employees have been shocked by her bizarre conduct.

She was seen “curled up in the corner of the gym smoking – with no pants on”.

The publication reports Amanda is walking through the lobby wearing new wigs each day.

After winning unfavourable headlines since her series of erratic driving incidents in 2012, Amanda subsequently moved to New York to pursue a career as a fashion designer.

In February reports surfaced she was forced to move out of her apartment after receiving an eviction threat.

An insider told TMZ Amanda was considered to be a “building nuisance” and neighbours were complaining about marijuana smoke wafting from her apartment “morning, noon and night”.

Concerned reports began to surface as she took to Twitter to share random musings.

“I want @drake to murder my vagina,” read one such message tweeted on March 22.
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Thursday, 04. April 2013