Rebel Wilson ‘all about confidence’

Rebel Wilson is “all about confidence and attitude” in life and the comedienne reveals she was once on her way to becoming an attorney.

Rebel Wilson embraces “confidence and attitude” wherever she goes.

The 27-year-old Australian comedienne has been lining up work in major Hollywood films since her breakout role in 2011 cult classic Bridesmaids.

Rebel most recently portrayed Fat Amy in last year’s all singing and all dancing comedy Pitch Perfect.

The star made it a point to depict this character in an empowering fashion.

“Even when I’m playing someone named Fat Amy, I’m all about confidence and attitude,” she told People magazine.

Rebel wasn’t always working on a career in entertainment.

The funnywoman reveals she was once on her way to becoming a lawyer.

“I didn’t have an opportunity to practice, but you never know,” she laughed.

“One day, if things don’t work out, I might be a barrister!”

Although Rebel claims being recognised out in public “is the weirdest thing”, she continues to land impressive gigs in Hollywood.

She is gearing up to host the MTV Movie Awards this month and she stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in this year’s action comedy drama Pain & Gain.
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Thursday, 04. April 2013