Adam Levine: I have acting bug

Adam Levine enjoys shooting movies more than he thought and is falling in love with acting fast.

Adam Levine “kind of already loves” acting.

The Maroon 5 singer stars in upcoming movie Can a Song Save Your Life? which is directed by John Carney.

Adam is clueless about the film industry but is enjoying the learning process.

“I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s fun though. To try it. I respect it a lot,” Adam shared with NYLON TV.

“I certainly wouldn’t call myself an actor. I’m trying new things and moving really slowly in that world. I’m certainly not trying to bite off more than I can chew. I’m trying to explore and see if I love it and I kind of really already love it. We’ll see what happens. [John is] just a guy who delivers on so many different levels. I never thought I’d actually get to meet him and when I did I realised he’s everything you want him to be and he practises what he preaches. He’s a genuinely wonderful guy.”

Despite his enthusiasm for acting, Adam hasn’t lost his interest in music as a result. He revealed what special elements fans of Maroon 5 can expect from their upcoming live shows.

“I’m really excited to go on tour, and show everyone this amazing thing we’ve put together and meticulously arranged over the last few months,” he explained. “It’s visually super stunning and kind of nuts. I can’t wait to get up there and do the show.”

The busy star is also continuing to enjoy his role as a mentor on the US version of The Voice. He joked that one of his favourite aspects to the job is teasing his co-star, country singer Blake Shelton.

“The Voice is fun. It continues to be this really fun and inspiring thing that I never thought was going to be what it is. Being part of someone else’s career is really refreshing, to flip the script and for it to be about them more and take the focus from us,” he gushed.

“It’s fun to interact with other people, [fellow judge] Shakira has taken to it really fast and Blake [Shelton] continues to be a d**khead and I love him more than anything.”
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Thursday, 04. April 2013