PREMIERING: The L.A. Complex

The unreality of the show-biz industry is here. Watch our new show 'The L.A. Complex' -- one week before everyone else!

Our new show ’ The L.A. Complex’ premieres on April 21, but you will be able to watch a brand-new episode one week (April 14) before it airs on tv — every week! Right here!

Episode 01:
Struggling actress Abby, desperate and running low on money, decides to crash at “The Lux” Motel in Los Angeles. At The Lux, she finds a group of dreamers not unlike herself: Raquel, a former teen star looking for a second chance; Alicia, a talented dancer who seems to come up just short in every audition; Tariq, an intern/go-fer trying to make a name for himself in the world of hip-hop music; Nick, an aspiring comedian with an unsuccessful love life; and Connor, a handsome Australian actor who just earned a role in a new series.

The premiering episode of L.A. Complex airs on Sunday, April 14 online and April 21 on MTV.

Wednesday, 10. April 2013