Chris Brown’s X album ‘kinda numerical’

Chris Brown has revealed the title for his new X album is based on a series of mathematical equations and the singer provides details on his experiences collaborating with Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar.

Chris Brown reveals the title for his new X album is based on a series of mathematical equations.

The 23-year-old musician released his first single entitled Fine China from the X record on Monday.

Titling the album based on a roman numeral was no coincidence.

Chris happily calculated numbers to create a sort of titular ode to all of the important dates and times in his life.

“I made it kinda numerical,” he told MTV News.

“X is a Roman numeral for ten; this also symbolises ten years of me being an artist. I started when I was 14.

“X also means my birthday, 5/5/89. Five and five is ten; eight, nine, ten, so X. And then another quick one is 24. It’s the 24th letter in the alphabet, and I’ll be 24 when X comes out. That’s kind of it in a nutshell.”

Chris had the pleasure of collaborating with Kendrick Lamar on song Autumn Leaves and ex-girlfriend Rihanna on track Put It Up for his X album.

The singer penned these tracks with innovation in mind.

“So we did Nobody’s Business for her album, and then I wrote a song, it’s called Put It Up. It’s more of an R&B record,” he said. "I wanted to do an R&B record with Rihanna because I didn’t want it to be the same four-on-the-floor pop.”

Chris’ X will be released sometime this summer.
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Wednesday, 03. April 2013