Nicki Minaj: I was an A student

Nicki Minaj was a good student until she was distracted by “acting and boys”.

Nicki Minaj was “down with the A-[grade] students” at school.

The singer is known for catchy tracks like Super Bass and has just released single High School, which features Lil Wayne.

Despite Nicki’s bad girl image, there was a time when she studied hard to get good grades.

“Junior high school I was down with the A-[grade] students!” she confessed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“But then in high school I studied acting, so between my acting classes and getting a boyfriend I just started paying less attention to my academics. I would pass everything when I went but I didn’t do as well as I could have done if I went every day.”

Shortly after shooting her latest video with Lil Wayne, Nicki found out the rapper had suffered a seizure.

The curvaceous beauty saw the warning signs while working with the 30-year-old, who is currently recovering and has confirmed he has epilepsy.

“He is doing wonderful and getting a lot of rest and that’s hard for me. It was interesting, because I felt so guilty when I shot the video with Wayne because the next day was when he had the seizure,” she explained.

“When we were wrapping up the video I thought that he was looking really, really tired and I just kept on saying to the director, ‘Come on, hurry up! I don’t want Wayne to get tired!’… I knew that he was very, very drained. I could tell that he was in a place where he needed some rest.”

Nicki’s latest hit is already going down well with her fans.

Sometimes the eccentric star likes to surprise people when she hears them listening to her music.

“These three girls in a car were playing Pound the Alarm and they were completely into it, so I rolled my window down and I can’t remember what I said but they were freaking out. It was a funny experience!” she laughed.
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Wednesday, 03. April 2013