Young & Married | Episode 5

On Sunday's episode of Young & Married...

In this episode we meet two young Californian couples, one getting married, the other already hitched. Engaged couple 18-year-old Salina and 21-year-old Oscar have had a whirlwind romance and now they’re getting married in just four weeks. Salina’s feeling the pressure, she’s studying for her exams, getting married and she has a baby on the way. Wedding pressure is causing tension between the couple. Will they even make it up the aisle?

Married couple Katie and Joe met while working at Euro Disney…she was a princess and he was a pirate! The couple were married a year ago but there was just one problem – Katie’s British dad refused to give his blessing and didn’t attend the wedding. A year on, he’s planning a visit, but will he and Joe be able to get along?​

Find out this Sunday on an all-new episode of Young Married.

Wednesday, 03. April 2013