Psy: The Zillion Dollar Looks (Photo Gallery)

  • Psy: The Zillion Dollar Looks

  • Shorts, sneakers & a suit jacket. Awesome.

  • There's a new sheriff in town!

  • Red... flowery... thingie?

  • Oh heck yes, now that's a super tight "jump look" right there!

  • Furry passion.

  • Black attack!

  • Teaching the UN a thing or two...

  • Ultra sweet red jeans with mathing shoes. Jump!

  • The famous "Gangnam Suit" jacket.

  • Star quality, baby!

  • Green machine!

  • It's never too dark to be cool!

  • The Gangnam Style signature dance move...

  • Looking smart in rolled up sleeves!

  • Dressed up in Pink.

  • The classic suit & bow tie combo!

  • White & Gold with matching sun glasses!

  • "Peace brawh!" Relaxed but still looking smart!

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    Style should be spelled Psyle. Want that awesome Psy look? Look over here!

    We’re anxiously anticipating Psy’s upcoming single “Gentleman”. Rumours has it the “Gangnam Style” follow-up will feature it’s own distinctive dance. One thing’s for sure, Mr. Psy does more than dance and sing, he totally dresses like a champ. Total star quality. We’ve rounded up some pics of his most awesome looks, check it out above!

    Wednesday, 03. April 2013