Amy Poehler ‘on date with comedian’

Amy Poehler is said to be enjoying a new romance with actor and comedian Nick Kroll.

Amy Poehler has enjoyed a “cosy” date with an actor-and-comedian.

The American star announced she had separated from her husband Will Arnett in September 2012 and now appears to be moving on.

She was spotted enjoying a relaxed evening out with Nick Kroll over the weekend, with the pair spending time at The Pikey Cafe and Bar in Los Angeles.

According to New York Post the pair looking “cosy” throughout the evening and chose to sit at a small table together so they weren’t interrupted.

Their ploy worked well as most of the other guests didn’t realise they were eating in the same place as two stars.

“No one really recognised them,” an insider explained.

It’s been claimed this wasn’t the pair’s first date, although it’s not known how long they have been seeing each other.

Actor-and-comedian Nick has a series on the Comedy Central network called Kroll Show. He also appeared on sitcom The League and has shot some Funny or Die videos.

Neither of the stars’ representatives have commented on the flourishing romance.

Amy and Will have two children together and their split was said to be amicable. In 2011, Will joked about his marriage explaining he let Amy think she made all the big decisions.

“She thinks she’s the boss, but I’m the boss,” he giggled. “Part of being the boss is allowing others to think they’re the boss, which is what I do.”
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Tuesday, 02. April 2013