Michael Bublé: I want soccer star son

Michael Bublé would be “thrilled” if his son grows up to be a soccer player like David Beckham.

Michael Bublé is hoping his son will one day play soccer like David Beckham.

The Canadian singer is expecting his first child with wife Luisana Lopilato and would love the boy to grow up to be a sports star. Michael revealed that the baby is already showing signs of athletic prowess, as it has been kicking energetically.

“I used to play soccer when I was younger so I’d be thrilled if he grew up to be a soccer player. And who’s better than Becks?” Michael told British newspaper The Sun. “It’s my wife’s dream as well. She called yesterday to say she felt the baby kick for the first time.”

Michael and Luisana’s baby is due on August 21. The couple have spent a lot of time discussing how they want to raise the child and are determined to keep their son grounded.

“Entitlement is a very big concern for Lu and I. Entitlement is one of the ugliest traits in human beings and we talk about it a lot. It will be impossible for him to grow up in a ‘normal’ way because he will travel on jets, dine in fancy restaurants and meet famous people,” he explained. “I think him being around people like my mother and father and Lu’s mother and father will bring a sense of normality.”

Michael is very close to his family and credits loved ones with keeping him on track. The 37-year-old singer constantly keeps in contact with family members when he is travelling around the world and even shares meals with them over the internet.

“I’m close to my sisters, my mom, dad, grandpa and grandma. When I am away we Skype all the time,” he revealed. “I sat in my hotel room here and connected with them while they had their Easter dinner at home in Vancouver.”

Michael realises his life will change drastically once he becomes a father. He is prepared to reduce his hectic schedule so he can spend quality time with Luisana and their son.

“I don’t want to look back and regret missing anything when my son is older. So if I am needed at home then touring goes out of the window,” he vowed. “Three weeks is the longest I will be on the road in one go…

“And I want to let Lu concentrate on her work, too. My wife is 25 and a really successful actress… I honestly think that her work and her life is more important to me than mine.”

The star has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and is currently promoting his new record To Be Loved.

He says the best thing about being a successful singer is being able to “take the pressure” off his family by helping with their mortgages.
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Tuesday, 02. April 2013