Joe Jonas: Our fans are physical

Joe Jonas says touring can be an "overwhelming experience".

Joe Jonas claims fans outside of the US are “physical and loud”.

The 23-year-old makes up pop group the Jonas Brothers with siblings Kevin and Nick.

Hailing from America, the band often tours the world and Joe says it can be a crazy experience.

“International fans, I think because there’s a language barrier, are very physical and loud. So it’s exciting, but can be nerve-wracking sometimes,” he admitted to Parade.

“It’s a thrill to be able to have opportunities to go to these different cities and places that sometimes you can’t pronounce, and fans are singing the words to all your songs. It’s an overwhelming experience.”

The band are gearing up to reveal their fifth album, which doesn’t have a title or release date yet.

Joe is happy to keep things a mystery for now.

“My brothers and I have been working on an album for the last about seven, eight months now and we have just finished,” he teased.

“I’m really excited about sharing with the fans and keeping it under lock and key until that time comes up, and it’s been a very exciting process. Nick’s been producing all the music so we really have been the chefs in the kitchen with our project.”

Despite keeping a lid on their upcoming songs, the handsome star did reveal what fans can expect.

“I like when people are able to come up with their own personal feelings on it. But what I can say is we used some brass in the music,” he revealed.

“We’ve been able to incorporate a lot more instruments, and even Nick, used some of the electronic drums and things his computer can do. It’s pretty phenomenal.”
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Saturday, 30. March 2013