Diane Kruger: I dream of motherhood

Diane Kruger “dreams” of having children with Joshua Jackson, but insists she doesn’t feel under pressure to become a mother.

Diane Kruger constantly “dreams” about having a family.

The actress has been dating Joshua Jackson since 2006 and the pair spend as much time as possible together. Diane has confessed she does think about settling down with the handsome actor and she would love to raise children with him.

“Yes, of course,” the 36-year-old beauty replied to British magazine Look when asked if she has thought about becoming a mother. “But it was difficult to make plans while Josh has been filming in Vancouver and I’ve been working in Europe a lot. I keep dreaming about a baby, but I don’t feel any pressure. I never thought about having children in the past, then Josh and I started thinking about a family six months after we became involved.”

Diane hinted that she may be thinking more seriously about babies. The couple are leaving Canada, where Joshua filmed his TV show Fringe, and German-born Diane admits this relocation will have a big impact on their life.

“Everything’s changing! I’ve been living a lot in Vancouver for the last few years, where my life has been so quiet,” she explained. “But now Joshua’s time with Fringe has come to an end, it’s going to be very different – just on that level alone.”

Diane went on to speak about her relationship with Joshua. The star was previously married to actor-and-director Guillaume Canet and knows how difficult it can be to make a romance go the distance.

“We’ve had our ups and downs like every couple, but now I want to work hard to make sure we stay together,” she smiled. “I think timing is one of the key things when it comes to love and relationships. You have to meet at the right moment and have the same feelings for the other person as they have for you. When I was married before and things came to an end, I didn’t feel like fighting for it and it was very painful.”
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Saturday, 30. March 2013