Landscaper saw Bieber spit in neighbour’s face

Although Justin Bieber denies wrongdoing, a landscaper working on a construction site directly across from the star’s home reportedly claims he witnessed the singer spitting in his neighbour’s face.

Apparently a new eyewitness has confirmed he saw Justin Bieber spit in his neighbour’s face.

The 19-year-old pop crooner has been accused of assaulting a fellow resident of his gated Los Angeles community.

The man, who is described as a 47-year-old successful businessman and father-of-three, alleges Justin spit in his face and yelled, “Get the f**k out of here. I’m gonna f**king kill you.”

Justin denies the assault and claims the angry neighbour trespassed on his property before being escorted off by the star’s security detail.

TMZ now reports a witness has come forward supporting the spitting accusations.

A landscaper working on a construction site directly across the street from Justin’s house reportedly told his foreman “he saw Justin spit in the neighbour’s face”.

It’s been previously reported that the resident, who filed a battery report against the Baby crooner, has had a vendetta out against Justin for quite some time.

The website negates these rumours claiming according to the community, “The guy has never had beef with the singer.” The resident, who lived in the gated neighbourhood for about a decade actually “went to the guard shack [on Justin’s property] shortly after Justin moved in and told the guards how important it was to maintain his privacy.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff officials are actively investigating whether Justin threatened and spat on the alleged victim.
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Thursday, 28. March 2013