Justin Bieber 'making life changes'

Justin Bieber reportedly plans to tone down his erratic behavior.

Justin Bieber is apparently determined not to turn into a “Hollywood mess”.

The 19-year-old pop star has hit headlines for all the wrong reasons of late, most recently being accused of assaulting a fellow resident of his gated Los Angeles community.

This follows bouts of bad behaviour, including turning up to a UK concert hours late and being snapped smoking what appeared to be marijuana.

Despite his antics, the Baby singer is said to be trying to turn his life around.

“Justin knows he’s done some not-so-smart things and he especially needs to clean up his driving,” an insider shared with FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

“He’s young, and when provoked, he reacts. But he knows this, and is determined not to become a Hollywood mess and he’s taking all the right steps to stay out of trouble. He’s building a good team around him and getting the right help.”

It is believed Justin upset locals by speeding around the neighbourhood in his Ferrari, leading one man to confront him this week. He apparently decided to speak to Justin because several residents were concerned for their safety after the singer drove around the area reaching speeds of 100 mph.

Justin is said to have reacted angrily when the man visited his property on Tuesday, allegedly spitting in his face and threatening to kill him.

The situation remains under investigation and Justin is apparently considering moving after becoming unpopular with his neighbours.

“There have been ongoing issues,” the source sighed.

“People throw trash over his wall and all sorts of other stupid things.”

Justin certainly seems to be taking charge of his behaviour, using Twitter to inform his fans he’s in a “good place” and even asking them for tips regarding good books, showing he plans to lead a quiet life for a while.

His mother, Pattie Mallette, recently expressed her concerns for the young star.

“Of course I pray for him and I encourage him,” she admitted to E! News.

“I can’t really speak to how he handles that part of his life.”

She also defended him, telling Access Hollywood Live: “Him being 19, you know, I’ve just gotta let go a little and let him make some of his own decisions. He’s growing up. He’s 19. He’s not my baby.”
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Thursday, 28. March 2013