Hathaway furious with Franco

Anne Hathaway is reportedly upset that her former friend James Franco spoke about their tense relationship and why the public may not find her genuine.

Anne Hathaway is reportedly furious with James Franco for discussing their turbulent friendship on radio.

The Academy Award-winning Les Misérables actress is thought to be fuming after the Spring Breakers actor talked about the ups and downs in their business and personal relationship with shock jock Howard Stern on Monday.

When Howard claimed she was a “goody-two-shoe actress” and it is “fun to hate her”, James refused to be drawn into the debate, but admitted he could see why she might provoke such a reaction.

“Anne can’t believe James has openly discussed the past and how they aren’t really on talking terms anymore,” a source told Radar Online.

“She thinks he did it purely to drum up publicity for Spring Breakers. But, as far as she’s concerned, James pulled an unprofessional move by talking about her during the interview with Howard Stern.”

Anne apparently thinks James should have given “no comment” in response to Howard’s line of questioning.

Plus he definitely should not have told the Sirius XM programme that they “haven’t talked in a while”.

“She couldn’t believe that he said he understands why people dislike her,” the insider added.

“Anne would never air her dirty laundry in public and is intensely private. It’s opened up old wounds, is totally unnecessary and she’s fuming.”

James has allegedly been angry with Anne since she failed to pull off a co-hosting stint with him at the 2011 Academy Awards.

He admitted that she would not be fond of his discussing the subject before he began to tell all.

When Howard started talking about some people’s disgust at her gushy and seemingly scripted acceptance speeches, James agreed.

“She does not want me talking about this, but okay. I’m not an expert on – I guess they’re called ‘Hatha-haters’ – but I think that’s what maybe triggers it,” James said.

“Anne and I made up, by the way. Let’s just get that on the record.”
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Wednesday, 27. March 2013