Justin Bieber 'reckless in car'

Justin Bieber has reportedly angered his neighbours by driving “unbelievably recklessly” around their gated community.

Justin Bieber’s altercation with a neighbour was reportedly triggered by the singer’s “reckless” driving.

The 19-year-old star is the subject of an investigation after a man claimed he was assaulted when he visited Justin to voice a grievance. While it was initially reported that the neighbour was upset about wild parties being held at Justin’s property while the star was on tour in Europe, TMZ now reports that the pop star’s erratic driving was the source of the complaint.

According to the website, the man in question told Sheriff’s deputies that Justin was driving “unbelievably recklessly” around their gated community in his Ferrari. It has been alleged he reached speeds of 100mph, with multiple residents apparently concerned for the safety of their children and pets.

The angry neighbour reportedly decided to confront Justin because his wife was walking the family dog as the heartthrob raced around their neighbourhood in Calabasas, California, just before 9am. Other residents have allegedly offered their support to the claims, with the man adding that a lot of children were also playing outside at the time.

He has also allegedly insisted he was not upset by the recent parties taking place at Justin’s home, claiming that was “no big deal”.

Justin arrived back at his home on Tuesday morning and reportedly got into a heated verbal dispute just after 9am, where it was alleged he made physical contact with his neighbour.

Los Angeles County Sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore revealed a battery report has been filed and officials are actively investigating whether Justin threatened the alleged victim during the incident.

Justin’s team has denied any physical contact was made and claims the man was peacefully escorted off his property by their security team.

Those close to the star are reportedly becoming concerned about his angry outbursts.

“Justin [has an] increasingly short fuse…,” a source told Chicago Sun-Times. “He’s got to learn to hold his temper in better check.”

It is believed the situation may have been exacerbated because Justin had only recently returned home and was suffering from the after-effects of a lengthy journey.

“This all could have been averted if Justin had just kept his cool,” the source added. “But he probably was edgy and jet-lagged, having just flown in from overseas.”
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Wednesday, 27. March 2013