Snoop Lion: Kids' social circle is like UN

Snoop Lion has reflected on the "awesome" ways the world has changed since he's been alive.

Snoop Lion has likened his children’s social groups to the United Nations because they are so varied.

The American rapper – previously known as Snoop Dogg – is amazed by how much the world has changed during his lifetime. Many of the things his children take for granted were not available to him as a young man and the 41-year-old star hopes the world keeps progressing.

“I grew up where white people was over there, Mexican people was with us, Asian motherf***ers is over there, Iranians working at the store, you could f**k with them, we’d f**ked the Koreans. Now the kids, their friends are white, Asian, black, Hispanic, no boundaries. My kids’ friends? It’s like the United Nations!” he laughed to Q magazine.

Snoop received his new name from a Rastafarian priest in Jamaica. When he announced the change he also detailed the new direction he is going in with his music. His latest album Reincarnated is a reggae record and he has turned his back on his old ways and now claims his life is about peace and love.

His new outlook has influenced how he sees the changes in the world.

“[When I grew up] I could be killed, looking at a white woman,” he said. “Now? You could be my woman. We could have kids together! Guess what? You can even be gay now. Gay-bashing? My kids don’t even know what that sh*t means. We’re doing awesome.”

Snoop used to call himself a cartoon character and was proud of his lavish lifestyle, which included a great deal of jewellery and fancy clothes.

He’s proud to have changed although his new way of life also makes him laugh in some ways.

“Well, when you reach a pinnacle you finally wake up, put aside childish ways and want to do something positive. You can affect people,” he said. "You have kids and you understand what life is about.

“Yeah, at 40 most men decide to live wild and crazy because they’ve been so conservative all along. Me, I’ve been living wild and crazy my whole life!”
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Monday, 25. March 2013