Lindsay Lohan ‘knocking back vodka sodas’

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly drinking alcohol frequently despite being sentenced to commit herself to a rehabilitation centre for substance abuse in court Monday.

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly drinking excessively following her rehab sentence.

The 26-year-old actress was ordered to complete 90 days in a locked-down substance abuse treatment facility earlier this week after pleading no contest to three misdemeanour charges related to a June 2012 car crash she was involved in.

TMZ reports that Lindsay “continues to drink — and drink often” in spite of her impending punishment.

According to the website, Lindsay was “knocking back vodka sodas” in her Beverly Hills hotel mere hours after leaving court on Monday.

She was also seen drinking straight vodka at San Diego, California nightclub FLUXX Friday night.

Apparently Lindsay arrived to the discotheque in a Yankees baseball cap and a hoodie. A source claims she “sat at a VIP table ordering vodka on the rocks all night,” explicitly requesting she “be served from a glass carafe” so no alcohol bottles would litter the table.

It is said Lindsay doesn’t believe she has an alcohol problem at all.

The Mean Girls star has been to rehab five times since 2007.

Lindsay’s lawyer Mark Heller confirmed they “are not sure yet” where she’ll be completing her treatment.
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Sunday, 24. March 2013