Rita Ora: I save soft toys

Rita Ora can't bring herself to throw out a teddy an ex gave her because she loves soft toys so much.

Rita Ora stashes “a whole bunch of teddies” under her bed.

The UK singer has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to her catchy hits such as Hot Right Now and R.I.P.

Adoring fans often shower the 22-year-old with gifts on stage and Rita has a particular soft spot for furry friends.

“Well, I’ve got a whole bunch of teddies under my bed that my fans have given me, but I’ve got a special little Japanese one that I keep in my bed, who I just named Suli,” she confessed to British magazine Top of the Pops.

“I’ve got a huge teddy from [UK toy store] Hamleys, too. It was from an ex who things didn’t work out with, but I can’t get rid of it because it’s just so nice. I love teddies!”

Despite her feisty onstage persona, it seems Rita is a softie at heart.

The gorgeous singer even admits becoming emotional when watching touching films.

“Marley & Me [made me cry]. When the dog was in hospital I was bawling my eyes out!” she recalled.

“If I want cheering up, I’ll put on any Will Ferrell film. They always put me in a good mood.”

The superstar loves nothing more than watching a DVD.

When she’s relaxing with a movie she also likes to indulge in some comfort food.

“I love, love, love takeaways,” she gushed.

“Chinese and Thai are my favourites. I’ll get sweet and sour chicken with spring rolls and just chill out and watch movies. I love watching movies!”
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Saturday, 23. March 2013