Young & Married: Episdoe 3

This Sunday on a new episode of Young & Married...

Engaged couple 19-year-old Missy and 20-year-old Matt have set a date for their wedding but some of their family are less than happy about their mid-week nuptials.

Despite pressure on them to change the date, Matt and Missy decide to go ahead with it. As wedding tension builds, Missy has a huge row with her sister Brittany. Will any of their family make it to the wedding? 20 -year-old Raphaella and 24-year-old Jose got married a year ago, but their families have never met.

They’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner for both sets of parents, and as Jose has never officially asked Raphaella’s Russian father for her hand in marriage he is going to use this opportunity to ask for his blessing.

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Thursday, 21. March 2013