Stars & Piercings

  • Stars and Piercings

  • Bill Kaulitz off Tokio Hotel loves his jewelry!

  • Bill's brother Tim from Tokio Hotel is also a big piercing fan.

  • RiRi's got nipple piercings!

  • Miley Cyrus has a nose ring.

  • Janet Jackson's nip slip showed the world that she's in to piercings.

  • Jersey Shore's Deena also rolls with a piercing.

  • Lil Wayne is no stranger to piercings either...

  • Chris Brown's got both his ears and his nose pierced

  • Tupac also rolled with a nose & ears pierced.

  • Scarlet's got a lot of ear piercings going on.

  • Fergie's got like a zillion rings in her ears!

  • Drew Barrymore's got a tongue piercing...

  • Beyoncé's adorning her belly with some steel.

  • Demi Lovato's also got a nose piercing.

  • Britney's no stranger to bling bling either.

  • LiLo's bling blinging it up!

  • Benji Madden...

  • Nicole Richie's got a tragus piercing.

  • Paris & her belly piercing!

  • Jessie J's got her septum pierced.

  • Kelis likes to connect her bling!

  • Christina Aguilera has a total of 12 piercings.

  • P!nk has her nose pierced.

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    Tattoos and piercings are a big part of celebrity life. Rihanna, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, a thousand zillion rock bands — all have them.

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    Thursday, 21. March 2013