Franco: Criticism can sting

James Franco has developed a thick skin in Hollywood but admits sometimes “criticism can sting”.

James Franco refuses to let critics get to him but admits their comments can “sting”.

The 34-year-old actor enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame after cutting his teeth in television in the late Nineties. He has since moved on to leading roles in blockbuster films like 127 Hours and most recently Oz the Great and Powerful.

James admitted some people find him egotistical thanks to his multifaceted career as a writer, director, producer, artist and dedicated academic.

While he’s hyperaware of his reputation, the star refuses to give credence to people who think he’s a “jerk” because he’s ambitious.

“Criticism can sting but not for long. At this point I’ve heard it all, good and bad. I can take anything,” he told Bullett magazine.

The actor admitted he still has a lot of work to do on himself. But for now he’s fine taking some heat and even finds critical commentary a useful creative tool.

“Look, I know I’m not perfect. And, who knows, maybe a part of it has to do with self-obsession,” James confessed.

“But it’s also about using this weird thing that is a public persona as raw material for creative projects.”

James’ Oz co-star Mila Kunis also stepped to his defence in the article featured in the magazine’s Spring 2013 issue.

The actress insisted the reputation that precedes him is unwarranted.

“I think people would be surprised by what a calm and decent person he is. I don’t want to get too personal but he’s very humble,” she said.

“People know that he’s well-educated and that he’s well-read, but they might not know that he’s also a really good guy.”
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Tuesday, 19. March 2013