Rihanna's pals 'worry about Chris'

Rihanna's pals have come forward to share their concerns as they reportedly believe Chris Brown hasn't got his "awful temper under control".

Rihanna’s friends are allegedly worried Chris Brown hasn’t got his “awful temper under control”.

The 25-year-old singer has recently reunited with her rapper ex-boyfriend following their split in 2009 after he assaulted her.

Due to the volatile nature of their relationship, friends of the star have come forward to share their worries about the rekindled romance.

“Everyone’s really concerned for Rihanna,” a friend revealed to British magazine Look. “She’s a whippet-smart, independent business woman, who takes no sh*t, but when it comes to Chris Rihanna can be really clueless. She insists he’s changed and would never hurt her again, but she’s obviously blinded by love because there’s no evidence he’s got that awful temper under control. Quite the opposite, actually, he seems more out of control than ever.”

Chris has been associated with a number of high-profile altercations within the past year. Earlier this month he allegedly dismissed his bodyguard after the pair got into a big blow-up in Bermuda. The 23-year-old Look At Me Now singer was also involved in a car park fracas with fellow Grammy-winning singer Frank Ocean in January.

Those closest to Rihanna say the Barbadian chart topper is anxious about the reports, although publicly she seems unfazed.

“Chris doesn’t care what people think,” the source explained. “That’s clearly why he makes no effort to conceal his bad temper. It’s why he openly slates people like Drake on stage and tweets an offensive stream of obscenities at anyone who crosses him. But Rihanna – however much front she might put on – obviously worries and gets upset by the reports. She’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders right now.”
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Tuesday, 19. March 2013