Simon Cowell: I'm enjoying life

Simon Cowell updated his Twitter feed 17 times in less than an hour this morning, assuring fans he is "happy and healthy".

Simon Cowell insists he is “happy, healthy and enjoying life” after reading some “strange” headlines about himself of late.

The music mogul rarely updates his Twitter feed, but early on Tuesday morning the 53-year-old star posted 17 messages in less than an hour.

Simon spoke enthusiastically about his latest ventures in the messages and revealed that he is content, despite “strange” reports about his life recently.

“Seen some early footage on the one d movie. Very very exciting. And still on movies the Paul Potts movie from what I have seen is brilliant. Have just finished the britains got talent auditions. We still have a lot of talent in this country. And with everything I have been working on it made me realise that your friends and family are still the most important things in your life,” he posted to his followers on the social networking site.

“Sorry to cram all this in. Have read some strange things about me recently. I am happy. Healthy. And enjoying life. Hope you are too (sic).”

Simon also spoke philosophically about the harder times he’s faced.

“What I have realised is there will be bumps in your life but the fun is fixing them. If it was always easy life would be boring. And for everyone who has bothered to follow me. Thank you. I have learnt a lot from you guys (sic),” he added.

Simon’s posts come after his flair for producing record-breaking reality TV shows has been called into question.

His latest UK offering, Food Glorious Food, failed to grab public attention earlier this month.

Last year his programme That Dog Can Dance also received disappointing ratings.

Simon told fans he was working on something “very close” to him but didn’t reveal what the new project was. He assured he’ll be making an announcement about the project soon.

At the end of his messages, Simon concluded: “I was a little deep tonight but it was one of those nights you realise you have a lot to be thankful for (sic).”
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Tuesday, 19. March 2013