Lohan will go to rehab after avoiding jail

Lindsay Lohan has avoided jail in a last minute plea deal where she agreed to spend 90 days in rehab and perform 30 days of community labour

Lindsay Lohan has avoided jail after accepting a plea deal.

The troubled actress agreed to spend 90 days in a locked rehabilitation unit and perform 30 days of community labour in a Los Angeles court on Monday.

Looking pale and tired, the star pleaded “no contest” to misdemeanour charges of reckless driving and lying to police after a car crash in Malibu last year.

Her appearance in court came after her counsel spent “a lot of haggling in chambers with offers and counteroffers,” according to TMZ.

In addition, Lindsay agreed to pay a series of fines and to undergo psychotherapy for 18 months – she said by her lawyer Mark Heller to have already started counseling.

“You really need to understand. This is it. Please take this seriously,” the judge told her, before advising the star not to drive.

Lindsay could have faced 245 days in jail if she had been found guilty of the charges following a trial.

Although there is a mandatory five day jail sentence for reckless driving, that will be folded into Lindsay’s rehab time, meaning the star will not spend any time behind bars.

She will also be able to do her time in rehab in New York City where she now lives.

Lindsay was more than 45 minutes late to her court appearance after her private jet after missing two commercial flights to Los Angeles, according to reports.
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Monday, 18. March 2013