Pete Wentz obsessed with Beyoncé

Pete Wentz has described Beyoncé Knowles' latest track as "sweet".

Pete Wentz has joked he only talks about “Beyoncé and pizza” online.

The US songstress released a new track entitle Bow Down/I Been On over the weekend.

The Fall Out Boy bassist certainly seemed impressed with the 31-year-old’s latest musical offering, which coincided with holiday Saint Patrick’s Day.

“i think we deserve a new beyonce song every st patricks day! sweet. have great one,” he posted.

“that awkward moment when you realize you only really use the internet to talk about beyonce and pizza. (sic).”

Pete is busy with new music himself, with Fall Out Boy ending their hiatus this year and announcing album Save Rock and Roll as well as a tour.

It seems recording for their next musical offering is going well.

“Just listened to the last song on save rock and roll- the last minute sums it all up. Can’t wait for you to hear this. Thank you. (sic),” Pete gushed on Twitter.

As well as recording new tracks, the rocker is making his first foray into reality TV.

Pete has been confirmed as the host for the second season of tattoo show Best Ink and says it felt like the right move for his career.

“I thought it was authentic to my brand,” he recently told Rolling Stone.

“It’s not something that hides in the shadows anymore. It’s probably comparable to punk-rock music or hip-hop. Eventually, if the counterculture becomes embraced by enough people, it permeates pop culture.”
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Monday, 18. March 2013