Taylor Lautner: I want to marry Alba

Taylor Lautner has described Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba as his "perfect woman".

Taylor Lautner has wanted to marry Jessica Alba since he was ten.

The Twilight hunk has revealed his ultimate celebrity crush, naming brunette beauty Jessica as his “perfect woman”.

Taylor has joked that his plan to tie the knot with the actress hasn’t gone smoothly though.

“I’ve wanted to marry her since I was ten, but it’s not looking good because she’s married and has two kids,” he smiled in an interview with British magazine more!

“The first time I met her was at a Super Bowl. I was so nervous I could hardly talk. I felt so stupid.”

Taylor also revealed the qualities he looks for in a girlfriend.

“Trust is way up there, as is loyalty. Apart from that, somebody who can just be herself and have fun. I don’t like people who put on an act. I like people who can relax, let their hair down, and have a good time,” he explained.

Taylor is famed for portraying werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight film franchise alongside Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

The star has revealed how he handles his fame.

“What keeps you grounded is keeping the life you had before you got famous. When people get into trouble, it’s because they’ve changed their lifestyle, or forgotten who they are – I never want to do that. I do the same things I’ve always done,” he explained.

“I’m still close to my family and I still play sports with the same friends I’ve always had.”
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Saturday, 16. March 2013